“30 Days of THINK” was a city-wide opportunity to invite students to consider their role and responsibility around social media.

Students shared some of the learning they acquired through this project:

  • “THINK” before you press “send”
  • Know how to be safe online – keep personal information to yourself and be careful who you follow
  • We need to be kind online
  • Post appropriate things online
  • Take ownership for your words and actions
  • “THINK” before you publish something you don’t know about – don’t spread rumours!
  • Help Stop Cyberbullying!

In order to enter the competition, students created “Kindness” posters for our school hallways and posted “Respect” posters on twitter. For more information on the THINK campaign, please seeĀ http://www.preventingcrime.ca/30DaysofTHINK.htm

Mr. Wiebe’s Grade 4/5 class entered the “30 Days of THINK” competition in November. Students won the opportunity to have slam poet Holly Painter visit the students in their classroom in January. Holly will do a poetry lesson with the students.